I'm Angela fraser, this is what I do.


  • 20 years experience as an Registered Occupational Therapist with clinical work across a range of environments in the Health Sector from Paediatric, Vocational Rehabilitation to Specialist Palliative Care.
  • Diverse expertise, gained as an Practitioner working in the in both the public and private sector from employment through to managing director of her company.
  • Co-founder and Chairperson of the Chalice Foundation NZ Trust Charity.
  • Author and Menstrual Educator and Trainer
  • Women's health advocate
  • Ceremonalist and Celebrations Facilitator

A Tiny Seed of Wisdom Book

A Tiny Seed of Wisdom is a beautifully illustrated fiction story following the life of Stella. It will appeal to the younger reader who can appreciate the stunning illustrations, through to, the tween girl who will find the story a comforting accompaniment as she journeys through puberty. Mothers and daughters together will enjoy the beautiful experience of sharing this gentle story’s exploration of growing up.

A Celebration Day for Girls


This workshop for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer, is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical and positive information, stories and fun activities.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters

A 2 hour workshop for Fathers of daughters. Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through puberty to menstruating and young women. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you sailing through? Expect a lively and englightening discussion with many great tips and ideas, for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversations with their daughters.

Chalice Foundation New Zealand

Chalice Foundation - an Incorporated and Registered Charitable Trust, (launched 2019), devoted to providing Positive Menstrual Culture in Aotearoa/New Zealand

The purposes of the Chalice Foundation New Zealand Trust are to:

  • provide menstrual education training
  • provide menstrual education professional development for education, health and community service professionals
  • provide professional membership and support for menstrual educators, including promotion of the profession of ‘menstrual educator’
  • promote and provide positive menstrual education events and resources for mothers and daughters, girls, young women and women, boys and men, parents and couples
  • promote respect, connection, inclusion and accessibility in menstrual education
  • research, articulate and promote the concepts and practical application of ‘menstrual cycle awareness’, ‘menstrual wellbeing’, ‘body literacy’ and ‘positive menstrual education’
  • undertake evidence-based practice, through evaluation and critical reflection in order to contribute to new knowledge
  • to engage in charitable activities which are consistent with these purposes and as a means to advance health, and social and public welfare

Celebration/ Ceremonies

Angela thoughtfully researched, developed & facilitated a beautiful, personalised & fun ceremony to celebrate my move into my next phase of life.
Jane, 49

It was an utterly magical transformational experience that gave me more than I imagined in the way of strength & solid confirmation in who I am
Penny (Retrospective Menarche Ceremony)

Bespoke celebrations. Ceremonies for all ages to mark life transitions.
Celebrations may include:

  • Menarche for girls (and retrospective Menarche for Women)
  • Fertility Related - preconception, preparing for childbirth, baby naming, placenta burial. Losses related to conception.
  • Relationship Status related - intention setting, new relationship, vow renewal, anniversary, leaving behind old relationship, death of loved one
  • Moving into next life phase - Peri menopause, Menopause, Croning.
  • Health and/or Significant changes - health condition, new job, new house, new project, 'Firsts', etc....

I may not have walked the path you have journeyed, but, I commit to bear witness to the courage it took you to journey that path. Let's pause to mark this journey. Let’s create the space to rewrite your story, mark this moment in time, set intention, bring completion, allow yourself to open to the mysteries of the situation and embody the moment. We work together to create the perfect ceremony to help you mark this moment.

A Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training

Training 2020 dates to be confirmed.
Strathean Retreat Centre
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand

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Join our worldwide family of Celebration Day for Girls facilitators and bring this special celebratory workshop to your community preparing girls and their mothers for the onset of menstruation. This training is for Women who are:

  • working in the health, education or youth sector
  • community minded
  • keen to support 10-12 year old girls around onset of menstruation
  • interested in becoming an accredited "A Celebration Day for Girls" workshop facilitator
  • passionate about creating positive menstrual culture in Aotearoa/New Zealand

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