A Tiny Seed of Wisdom. A Beautifully illustrated Children's Book Celebrating Stella's Menarche Journey

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The changes experienced growing up can be difficult and it can be a confusing time for girls. Often it can be framed with negativity and dread. A Tiny Seed of Wisdom is about changing this and supporting young girls through these expected changes with a sense of wonder, curiosity and beauty.

Following the life of Stella, this story weaves the elements of wonder through the journey of menarche, first period, arriving at the place of knowing one's body and rhythms in such a way that it brings assurance and self knowledge. Stella is shown to be supported, guided and celebrated by those around her, giving her assurance that the changes are normal and a positive part of becoming a woman. It highlights the emotions of the journey through; doubt, interest, and excitement, and arriving at a place of contentment and self empowerment.

A Tiny Seed of Wisdom is a beautifully illustrated story appropriate for; the younger reader who can appreciate the stunning illustrations, through to, the tween girl who will find the story a comforting accompaniment as she journeys through puberty. Mothers and daughters together will enjoy the beautiful experience of sharing this gentle exploration of growing up.

From Kiwi author and menstrual educator, Angela Fraser and Australian illustrator Rebecca Holland comes this delightful children's book with an uplifting perspective of menarche and the evolving menstrual cycle. Ensured to intrigue, delight and spark positive conversations of what it means to get your period.


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Angela Fraser

A born and bred Kiwi hailing from Aotearoa, Angela is the author of her debut children's book, 'A Tiny Seed of Wisdom'. Angela is passionate about supporting women and girls to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and menstrual cycles.

Angela spends her hours facilitating Celebration Day for Girls Workshops (CDG), Training Facilitators of CDG, and reading and immersing herself in all things menstrual related. She is the Director of The Chalice Foundation New Zealand, a Charitable Trust Board, focused on creating positive menstrual culture throughout Aotearoa.

Rebecca Holland

Rebecca is an illustrator and designer living in Bisbane Australia with her three young boys and husband. She creates digital illustrations that spark wonder and curiosity in children under her business name, Room to wonder. She loves drawing, bush walking, coffee and contemplation. for more info, visit, www.roomtowonder.com.au


“ Through Angela Fraser’s delightful story-telling and Rebecca Holland’s glorious nature-fantasia illustrations A Tiny Seed of Wisdom celebrates the wonder of the seeds of life and wisdom formed in-utero and expressed through monthly cycling. This story traces Stella’s journey from her mother's womb to first ovulation. When her ovaries awake to their purpose Stella is welcomed and supported by a loving community, and her cycling journey begins with connection and confidence, naturally.

Not only suitable for children of all ages, but I highly recommended it! A Tiny Seed of Wisdom also provides grown women with a beautiful retrospective reframe of their own experience. Essential reading and perfect scene-setting for all menstrual education and wellbeing - a story beautifully told and divinely illustrated. ”

Jane Bennett - Menstrual Researcher, Author & Educator

“ This gentle and delightful book is the perfect affirmation for girls on the threshold of womanhood and a powerfully positive introduction to their menstrual cycling life.
It supports that gradual awakening to self-knowing and self-knowledge that is in stark contrast to the experience of so many women throughout time. Bravo Angela and Rebecca! ”

Kath Callinan-Moore - Women's Health Physiotheraphist & Menstrual Educator

“ A Tiny Seed Of Wisdom is nothing short of a gemstone. Stunning, captivating, healing, divine. Our world needs more empowering stories, especially for our young girls, and this book is just that ”

Lorella Doherty - Writer, Theta Healing Practitioner & Environmental Activist

“ This book is for all ages to connect in with the magic of who we are and what we bring into this world. A confirmation we all possess “the tiny seed of wisdom” to be nurtured and transformed into the greatness we can be. This simple story is a must read and a story that will continually bring joy and gratitude. ”

Penny Cullen - Educator, Life Learner & Group Facilitator


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What age is this book aimed at?

All ages will gain something from the simple yet poetic story. The illustrations captivate all ages. While it is simple in its story, the message is profound. This makes it a flexible and suitable read, from young ones, through to older children. It would make the perfect gift for a 5-9-year-old girl.

Can I get an Author Autographed copy?

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What is Menarche?

Menarche is the term used to describe first period. Menstruation is the ongoing monthly reproductive cycle that includes ones ‘period’. Yes periods can be inconvenient and tricky but the menstrual cycle is something that we at Alegna books, believe can be worked with and can become a magnificent health ally and, even celebrated. There are many gifts that benefit us when we become aware and attuned to our menstrual cycle. It is a wonderful health indicator and provides us with the opportunity to work with our cyclic and changing energy. Research supports that if a menstruator has a positive introduction to menarche it can have far reaching effects on wellbeing, self-esteem, and experiences with fertility and birthing. It matters what story our children are hearing about periods, and menstrual cycles, as the culture around them does not tell a very positive one. Therefore, we need to be proactively supporting their development of this natural life experience to become a positive one, filled with wonder and possibility. This is A Tiny Seed of Wisdom’s purpose.

How Do I Learn More About Celebrating Menarche?

Go to www.celebrationdayforgirls.com